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Miyerkules, Setyembre 26, 2012

Summer Housing for Summer Internships in Austin and Seattle

Miyerkules, Setyembre 26, 2012
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You have a summer internship all lined up and it is about to start. You just have one problem: you need a place to live! If your summer internship takes you to Austin, Texas or Seattle, Washington then you are in luck. Here's a list of summer housing options that both fits an interns budget, but also provides great locations to live.
College Houses Cooperatives - Finding a place to live during your summer internship in Austin doesn't have to be a daunting task. By far one of the most unique experiences in summer living arrangements, College Houses Cooperatives provides an experience that has the convenience of a dormitory with a rich program of intellectual activities. There are 7 houses to choose from; each with its own distinct personality, and the houses are located within walking distance to the University of Texas campus and Austin Community College.
The houses are managed and operated through the efforts of student members and each house reflects the values and lifestyle choices of its residents. The membership pools its money and labor to provide shelter, amenities, food, and fellowship to provide affordable living. To keep things running smoothly, every member is expected to participate fully in household affairs. Every member is required to perform four hours of labor per week, usually divided into categories such as kitchen labor, ground maintenance, etc. There are 17 meals per week serves at the house, so there is no need to go grocery shopping or worry about finding the time to cook. Residents can even sign up for the "save plate" program if they are unable to attend dinner with the rest of their housemates. For interns visiting for a short time, co-ops are often just the right combination of security and affordability they need.
UMoveFree.com - If cooperative living is not for you, and you want something more quiet and personal, then perhaps living in your own apartment is a better option. Because finding an apartment in a strange city is not always easy, UMoveFree guarantees that you will find an apartment to fit your needs without all the hassle that is normally involved with an out of town move. Visitors to the site can search through thousands of available rentals with the assistance of an apartment Locating Specialist. Specialists will negotiate the rental on your behalf, and sometimes even land you a better deal than advertised, such as a month's free rent or no security deposit. The company receives a referral free straight from the apartment owners, which allows them to offer their services to apartment hunters free of charge. Those looking for a new place but not necessarily in need of free moving services can elect to receive a $200 rebate in lieu of the free moving services.
ULoop.com - Looking for a little more variety in your housing options? Uloop.com is an online marketplace for students of University of Washington that has a listing of apartments and houses for rent in the Seattle area, as well as summer sublets. Browse through a variety of listing in different Seattle neighborhoods and find a summer rental that is right for you. ULoop also has listings for roommates in the area, as well as a section for carpooling.
Intern Temp Housing - Intern Temp Housing makes the moving process amazingly easy for out of town interns. The website is a virtual service God-send for those looking for short-term housing in the Seattle area. Options on the site allow you to choose the property and furniture package that best suits you and your budget. Facilitators hand pick the communities listed on the site based on location, price, and availability of amenities. They also have furniture and housewares packages set up on their site so you can choose the items you need to fit into your budget. The amenities on the site have fixed prices, which makes it easier to stick to a strict budget. Basic electric, water, and sewer are included in your monthly rental cost, and you may add amenities such as cable, phone, or internet. When you are done picking out the details for your new place, simply reserve your apartment online and everything will be move in ready when you arrive.

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